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We are Vertico Farms, an ag-tech company ready to disrupt the indoor farming space with our proprietary growing system that can grow quality produce at an affordable price.

Indoor Farming
Indoor Farming

What Is Indoor Farming / Controlled Environmental Agriculture

Indoor Farming/CEA is a method of farming where growing is conducted inside an environmental barrier (i.e. a warehouse) that insulates the crop from the outside environment. This allows crops to be grown year-round regardless of the climate and weather and crucially, without the need for pesticides. Growing time and plant quality is improved as a fine-tuned controlled environment can provide the precise conditions ideal for plants. Indoor farms are usually placed local to the end consumer, significantly reducing food transportation and spoilage.

We Are Revolutionizing Indoor Farming

With rising transportation costs, an urgent need to reduce greenhouse gases, degradation of arable land, and extreme conditions brought on by climate change, it is inevitable that indoor farming will be a critical component of agriculture. Our grow systems and technology stack are designed to tackle issues faced by indoor farming to ensure long term viability and sustainability. We are Vertico Farms, we are indoor farming redefined.

Indoor Farming

Our innovative approach provides clear advantages that other indoor system do not offer:


Deliver product with quality and texture that exceeds even the best soil-grown. Michelin Star standard is the baseline, clean and healthy product is a given.


Yield is more than just optimizing the growth rate of each plant, it is maximizing grow space in a given facility, then ensuring the highest biomass cubic density within that space.


The future of farming is automated, using smart robotics and AI to do both physical and mental tasks. The pursuit of “lights-off manufacturing” is found throughout our technology stack.


Build purpose-driven facilities and focus on a few crops to reap economies-of-scale. Don’t overcomplicate automation, minimize material handling steps. Avoid premium growing control and equipment with minimal marginal return.


System costs must come down considerably to make indoor farming products accessible. We scrutinize every component down to nuts and bolts to. Don’t over pay, cut out the middleman, search around the world to find the right equipment and right vendor.

Michelin Star Restaurants

"I have been working with Vertico Farms now for nearly a year and I cannot say enough good things about this company. From the products they grow and deliver, dedication to quality and customer satisfaction and overall willingness to work directly with restaurants; I could not be happier to have Vertico Farms as one of my suppliers."

Steve Molnar

Executive Chef Quetzal - Michelin Star Restaurant

" What excites me most about these greens is that as a chef, the hard work is done; they need nothing more than to be presented to the diner with a simple garnish and dressing.  They are the star of the plate and it would be a shame to mask them with heavy-handed manipulation"

Rob Rossi

Executive Chef/Owner - Giulietta & Osteria Guilia - Michelin Star Restaurant

Indoor Farming

What Celebrity Chefs Say

" Vertico’s product is exception and convenient. Flavor and texture are unparalleled."

Claudio Aprile

Masterchef Canada Judge


"Vertico stands clear above its competitors in texture, flavour & shelf life. In fact Vertico rivals “Mother Nature” in all the above categories in the best environment conditions."

Guy Rubino

Host and Executive Producer of TV Show on the Food Network

One of first Canadian Chefs to be invited on Iron Chef America

What The Experts Say

"Vertico Farms is exactly what a city like Toronto and us here at Canoe need. Being able to get local, fresh, and delicious greens whilst support a local business is a win."

Ron Mckinlay

Executive Chef Canoe Restaurant + Bar - Michelin Guide

"This year at Scotiabank Arena, we are excited to add Vertico greens to our premium club menus. Vertico has created some very unique versions that are unique to the market. The Purple Kale, Dino Kale and Arugula are all flavour rich without any of the woodiness normally associated with these products from other vendors. Having something great that is ready to serve, is another huge win. We look forward to telling our fans another great local story and letting them taste for themselves. Looking forward to seeing what comes next. "

Chris Zielinski

Executive Chef MLSE

"Being in the fresh salad business, I am always looking at new products - Vertico is by far the best quality product I’ve tasted. What separates these greens from other indoor products is the texture and flavour - from stem to tip they’re tender without any fibrous mouth feel."

Cory Vitiello

Executive Culinary Director Cactus Restaurants

Chef/Owner Flock Restaurants

Indoor Farming

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